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Light of the world
Light of the world 2
Morning light, Chartres
Morning light, Chartres

Catherine Stott is a painter/printmaker and mosaicist, working from studios in Bampton in Devon. She works in a range of paint media as well as producing series of unique monoprints and collagraphs. More recently she has translated these artistic inspirations into the medium of mosaic.

Catherine specialises in capturing impressions of gardens - large and small, well known or private, English gardens to gardens visited on her travels, and of remote rural areas and wild winter landscapes of mountains, lakes and coasts.
In her art workshop sessions she shares her experience in working in gardens and the natural world, and bringing the spirit of the place into her work. A full programme of Art Workshops is available - find details on www.inspiredbygardens.co.uk

Following a residency at the Morpeth Folk Gathering, she also paints genre scenes based on local musicians and celebrations. Catherine has worked with other arts practitioners –musicians, poets, storytellers - on joint events and workshops.

"My subjects encompass gardens and nature, in the area where I live and further afield, as well as local festivals, music and poetry. I am a keen gardener and find inspiration in the many wonderful gardens throughout England. It is a constant challenge to capture the atmosphere of each garden on paper, canvas or board, to record the effect of the changing seasons, or to express the beauty of the natural world through the medium of printmaking. An active member of two local choirs, I enjoy translating the experience of making and listening to music into colour and composition, and capturing the life and movement of local festivals and events”

Hexham Abbey 2005
Morpeth Folk Gathering 2007 and 2008

Bishop Skinner Insurance Brokers Purchase Prize, Northern Footprints Exhibition November 2008